Past Consequences

Sometimes what is thought defeated. Finds a way to survive. Fostia has unfinished business with an evil that escape her once. She intends to rectify that mistake.

Fellsgard is the foundation of Khy'eras' history and through reconstruction, it is now a vibrant and lively city. People reside here due to mild climate, opportunities, and safety and stability. Adventures often start from Fellsgard. Read more...
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Lady Illusory(Olori Tari)
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Past Consequences

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Sometimes running a business can be tedious. Fostia spent several hours this morning making sure her necessary goods got to the teahouse. It was a monthly routine that she wished she could do with out. However, business had it pitfalls and she knew it.

As she returned to the Duel Note she heard the second sound that gave the place it's name. She didn't know which of her children was playing their father's piano. Yet she did recognize the melody. She wasn't musically inclined herself. However, both of her babies said it helped them feel connected to him. The rhythm accompanied an old Fellsguard song meant to cheer up the listeners.

When she opened the door inside she noticed the music stopped. That was when she saw a human friend of hers that hadn't been by in awhile. She wore a deeply troubled expression. "Samantha, what's the matter?"

The blonde woman with touches of gray was wearing a formal dress to match her station. She held back tears as she answered. "My daughter, that Kaltaxi blessed bastard has her!" She unrolled a piece of parchment that was wrinkled from being gripped tightly.

Lady Dubois of house Sidroh,

I have your promiscuous child. You should really teach her that every pretty face hides it's own agenda. Reguardless, last time we met it was two against one. I aim to make us even this time.
You are to inform Lady Illusory to come alone to the place you stopped me the last time. Otherwise your child shall learn life can be brutally short.

Nightmare Jack

"That thrice cursed summoner! Last time he had my children. Now he has yours. Don't worry Samantha I'll end this. His escape last time was a fluke!" She thought for a moment about her kids when they barely passed their first decades. Then she hugged her friend fiercely. A whisper came from her lips before they parted. "This time he'll not get away, I swear." An edge her children rarely saw began to make itself known. Fostia loving mother though she may be. She was a veteran of the war against Behelest. She began to prepare her equipment which included potions to aid her. Death was the only way Nightmare Jack was leaving her sight. No matter if it was her's or his. The twisted man killed then trapped children as ghost slaves. He manipulated their spirits into nightmare creatures from the worst fears they had in life. Khy'eras would be a better place without him.
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