Exploration Point
Tviyr, Ninraih, and Irtuen Reaches
General Location:
Runs throughout Khy'eras'
Approximate Size:
420 miles longitudinally with river branches being roughly 5 miles latitudinally and the deepest parts estimated at 135 feet


The sole and only inland source of life which connects the three regions of Khy'eras is the Ordinuad River. Beyond stars and maps, the river is utilized to navigate the realm as the stream flows close to cities, in particular Verdant Row and Ajteire. There are scant places where it branches off (at The Serpent Kin and around Ajteire), and as such, hordes of fledgling adventurers have chosen to accept this watery road as a simple and trustworthy method of travel.

In nearly all spots, the river flows steadily and is kept clean as it traverses over rocks and natural dams. Water run-off is collected from the snow on the Slyscera Mountains and eventually deposited into the Res'lora Azure. The temperature of the water varies according to season, but on the southern point of Irtuen Reaches, the Ordinuad River becomes frigid and a handful of sections consist of harsher rapids - contradicting prior opinion that the river is safe for novices.